At Aspenroots Counseling, we provide clinically proven therapeutic services that support both the clearing of what we no longer or never needed, as well as that which we wish to cultivate. On one end of the spectrum we encounter depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and aspects far too often labeled as ‘disorders.’ On the other end of the spectrum, we work with our clients to cultivate what we wish to have more of in our lives: joy, peace, contentment, meaning, love, compassion, meaningful relationships and a life that is in alignment with our deepest selves.  The services listed below are designed to uniquely address our clients specific circumstances of healing growth.  Open the tabs to learn more about our services and contact us directly to set up a complimentary introductory session.

Rates may vary from pracitioner to pracitioner or services offered.  We accept cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, and HSA/FSA medical plan debit cards.  Visit our practitioners page to view our list of therapists.

All Aspenroots Practitioners offer sliding scale rates to specific populations and a percentage of our clients benefit from the Aspenroots Counseling Scholarship Program, which offers sessions at significantly discounted rates to qualifying participants.

What is transpersonal psychology?

Transpersonal psychology is the intersection of psychology and spirituality. It includes the whole realm of Western psychology, while also concerned with the spiritual dimensions of experience. “Transpersonal” means “through” or “beyond” the personal, or beyond the ego. John Davis (2000) remarked that, “the core concept in Transpersonal Psychology is non-duality, the recognition that each part (e.g. each person) is fundamentally and ultimately a part of the whole (cosmos)” while also honoring the importance of individuality and intrinsic health.

What does this mean for you as a client?

In practice, you will be met by compassionate Aspenroots’ therapists who will hold a non-judgmental perspective for any suffering or difficulties you are struggling with. At the same time, we strive to allow for the unfolding of your personal vision, growth, and healing. We are cross-cultural and all-inclusive. All beliefs, religions, and spiritual practices are welcome.

The therapists at Aspenroots view all therapeutic services as spiritual care. We meet each individual as a unique being with beliefs and values that are paramount to his or her healing and growth. We enjoy bringing ritual and ceremony back into people's lives to honor important life transitions and accomplishments. Rather than finding what's “wrong” we work with what is right and who we want to become in life.

According to the American Art Therapy Association:  Art therapy is a mental health profession in which clients, facilitated by the art therapist, use art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork to explore their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem.  An Art Therapist is trained in all the same skills as a psychotherapist with additional training in Art Therapy.  Therefore, a session will involve regular talk therapy and, if the client is interested, use of art materials to explore ideas or relationships that have come up.

Many adults feel that they cannot draw, paint or create.  Making art can be vulnerable and we always bring our inner critic into vulnerable situations.  Therapy is a time to notice and face one’s inner critic so that we don’t continue going through life afraid.  We can find empowerment in the way we approach art because it is a metaphor for how we approach life.  Art allows a person to communicate an experience through metaphor.  This is a very satisfying process because information is hidden in the metaphor, it is communicated subtly, and the artist does not need to take full ownership over it.  Rather, the metaphor can exist on its own and allow a person to come into relationship with its inherent meaning slowly over time.  It’s like getting to know yourself, one piece of art at a time.  

Most importantly, you will have a guide through this process.  An Art Therapist will support your decisions, validate your feelings and witness your experience through each step of your art making.  It often feels more comfortable to be seen and validated through the art than directly in relationship.  From an art therapy client:  “I think the main benefit of art therapy is that is taps into your subconscious - what you produce becomes a gateway into deeper conversations and realizations.  Art therapy has illuminated issues that words could not capture.”

Body-centered psychotherapy is a vast field encompassing many different modalities, including but not limited to Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR, and Hakomi therapy. This kind of work values the deep well of knowledge stored in our bodies, and accesses the innate wisdom of our physical beings as the primary tool in therapy. At Aspenroots we bring mindfulness and present-centered awareness to our sensory experiences as a way of becoming ourselves and entering world completely . Its not about “fixing” our clients, but about being with our clients and allowing healing and transformation to unfold. The only requirement needed to benefit from a body-centered approach is a willingness to be curious about a 'present moment' experience as it plays out in body sensations, thoughts, emotions, movement, and the five senses. The current use of the body in counseling approaches can be as simple as observing the movement of the breath, as a way of connecting with ourselves in the present moment. Other ways include working with the underlying psychological causes of body symptoms and can also be as interactive as following body sensations to resolve difficult memories stored in the body and reroute neural pathways. We hold a strong foundation in compassion, curiosity, gentleness, and in trusting the wisdom of our client’s body.

Although we do not handle insurance directly, we can provide clients with invoices containing all the necessary information to submit a claim when requested. Therefore, you may be reimbursed for our services by your insurance provider although this is not guaranteed. Additionally, we offer sliding scale and some scholarship rates to clients with the most need.

We can take payments from HSA and FSA debit cards.