Aspenroots is a professional community of counselors and healing arts practitioners working together to develop specific programs to better organize our efforts in providing services to our communities. Our flagship program is the Aspenroots Counseling Scholarship Program. Our scholarship program allows us to pair clients with the most financial need with a counselor or healing arts professional who agrees to see a certain number of clients at significantly reduced rates. In our first few months, we collectively provided 240 scholarship sessions, saving our clients a total of $12,000 through the scholarships we provided. Our goal is to double these numbers in 2013, offering $25,000 in scholarship saving.

We also work with new professionals to help them start their private practices, with elders and organizations who work with elders, and are currently developing the Medicinal MindfulnessTM program, which includes a mindfulness based harm reduction and drug education program.

More information is listed below on all our Aspenroots Programs. Please contact the associated Director of the program directly for more information.

Aspenroots, as a collaborative professional model at its foundation, encourages and promotes free enterprise small business models.  We wish to share our expertise in small business ownership through membership in the Aspenroots Counseling Community, private coaching and classes for beginning therapists, and for therapists ready to step out of agency work and into their own private practice. 

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Daniel McQueen is the Director of this program.

The Aspenroots Counseling Scholarship Program provides counseling and healing arts scholarships to individuals and families with the most need by trained clinical therapists and intern therapists.  All Aspenroots practitioners take scholarship clients.  Qualifying is based on personal income and other factors, and save our clients $600 to $1200 per scholarship series  The scholarships reduce individual session fee to as little as $25-$50 each, and placement into group therapy sessions through Aspenroots Counseling Scholarships is available as well.

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Alison and Daniel McQueen are the Directors of the Aspenroots Counseling Scholarship Program

Aspenroots Counseling has partnered with Medicinal Mindfulness®, a nonjudgemental harm reduction, prevention and education program for individuals who use prescription medications, herbal and nutritional supplements, illicit and recreational drugs and traditional medicines.  Services include educational workshops and presentations, safety assessments, integration support, addiction recovery and crisis intervention.  We also work with medical professionals to provide mental health monitoring for clients wishing to reduce or eliminate their use of common psychoactive prescription medications.

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Aspenroots offers a comprehensive, bilingual play therapy and parenting services program. We provide child-centered play therapy for children (ages 3-12) honoring their innate ability to move towards health with brilliance and creativity. Children primarily express their feelings and challenges through the language of play, as opposed to using words. As therapists, we enter their world and support them in exploring their feelings and making sense of and overcoming their challenges/symptoms. This process is deeply healing and transformational.

At Aspenroots we love to work with parents/caretakers. We offer them continual support by checking in after each play therapy session in person or by phone and/or by providing one-on-one coaching sessions. In these sessions, parents receive simple and cutting-edge neuroscience interventions to increase connection and deepen the parent-child relationship. Additionally, parents get to fully understand what it is that their child wants to communicate and the type of support they are wanting, while gaining tools on how to support themselves.


Scholarships available

Spanish/English services available

“Play is the most natural method of self-healing that childhood affords” 
~Erik Erikson

Karina Tibble, MA- Director of Play Therapy and Parenting Services Program

Throughout her career, Karina has worked with children, mothers and families in various clinical settings. She is passionate about supporting her clients in living a life of deep connection to themselves and others. As an Attachment Based Play Therapist, Karina weaves into her sessions authenticity, nervous system regulation techniques and a gentle presence. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. To learn more about Karina and her work, click here.

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The Aspenroots Art Program offers art as therapy, maintaining that art-making and the creative process have therapeutic benefits.  Art-making provides a multitude of opportunities for decision making and problem solving that enhance the artist’s sense of self.  Creating art is an opportunity for mindfulness, noticing our own unique way of proceeding through a complex creative process.  Additionally, creating art provides occasion for risk-taking and experimenting.  Art is a fantastic opportunity to know oneself while simultaneously producing something to share with others.